The idea of Halva Kingdom was born in Morocco in 1947, there the grandfather of Halva Kingdom founder worked in making traditional home made halva. After relocating to Israel the family settled in the old city of Jerusalem, where the grandfather continued to manufacture halva. The grandfather transferred his knowledge and technique to his grandson which established Halva Kingdom in Mahane Yehuda market. Over the years, the Halva Kingdom established itself as one of the market’s main attractions, known for its exceptional quality and shopping experience. Regular clientele from all over Israel and around the world make their way to the market’s quaint passageways to enjoy more than 100 types of fine halva.
Our halva is handmade, using a time-honored method and produced from organic whole sesame seeds, specially imported from Ethiopia, all the while maintaining the sesame seeds’ quality, freshness and nutritional values. The sesame seeds go through a roasting process and are then ground using traditional millstones, as were used thousands of years ago. This is, in actual fact, the first stage of raw tahini production, which the halva itself is based on. Our wide selection of halvas is created using a combination of handpicked quality raw ingredients, resulting in rich, unique flavors.