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Kingdom Of Halva - a boutique halva chain

The Halva Of The Kingdom

We invite you to prepare a basket full of goodies for the home, including high-quality halva and tahini.
And a variety of premium products made from pure sesame that will suit any culinary experience.

With over 101 varieties of halvah flavours which are hand-picked made with top quality ingredients resulting in a rich and nourishing halvah

חלבה שקדים
חלבה שוקולד ואגוזי לוז
תערובת פיצוחים
חלבה שוקולד בלגי מובחר
חלבה פקאן
חלבה בננה
חלבה תמרים
חלבה פולי קפה
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Due to the nutritional values of sesame seeds

A variety of tasty and unique flavours

Thanks to our family trade secret, passed down generation after generation

Vegan! nutritious and delicious

Our halvah and tahini are handcrafted the old fashion way, providing you with freshness and added nutritional value, placing us above all our competitors.


“Halvah Kingdom” established in 1947 by Eli Mamans grandfather, in the old city of Jerusalem.

After the deportation of the Jews from the old city, “Halvah kingdom” reestablished its self in Jerusalem’s “Machane Yehuda” market

Eli Maman, is a third generation halvah maker producing halvah the same way his grandfather taught him.

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Our raw tahini is made of pure sesame seed delivered to us straight from Ethiopia.

We grind our sesame seeds in an old millstones press, letting us obtain nutritious values and still retain a silky smooth consistency, making us number one in the tahini market.

A wide variety of Tahini flavours awaits you, come and taste...